It is our goal to stimulate economic development among marginalized individuals who are business owners and entrepreneurs; promote enterprises among communities and educate people interested in or currently active in business and entrepreneurial endeavors. 

It is not the goal of Young Urban Professionals ENC  (Y.U.P) to exclude individuals as anyone may join.  All events and information are available to the public regardless of ethnicity.


To facilitate economic growth through education which will stimulate Eastern North Carolina's economy while bridging the gap between ethnicities.

Our Approach

  • Provide education regarding business and nonprofit creation, operation, management and sustainability; to, create additional resources and income sources which can contribute to economic stimulation in struggling communities.
  • Provide opportunities which will develop stronger networking skills.
  • Provide resources which will help improve marketability of businesses and nonprofits.
  • Help participants gain understanding about how to build wealth, obtain/maintain good credit, and turn profits into long-term income sources which can grow and allow for an ability to ensure generational business and economic successes.

This Is Us

Jameesha Harris


Born and raised in Albany, New York, Jameesha Harris moved to New Bern eight years ago and has devoted her time in the city to being the change she wishes to see.  She possesses an Associate's Degree in Business Administration and is currently working to complete her Bachelor's at East Carolina University. She currently serves on the NC Human Relations Commission and Ward 2 Alderwoman for the City of New Bern. 

Reginald Barrett


Reginald was born and raised in Eastern North Carolina. Residing where the need for change is. Reginald spends much of his time working and advocating for social change in and around the community. He is a graduate of North Carolina Central University and advocates proudly of the support of historically black Colleges and universities. In addition, he serves as 1st vice President of Pitt County NAACP, Board chair of NCCIVIL, Founder of Soul Fitness Movement.

Marques Thompson


Marques was raised in Eastern North Carolina and has been volunteering to serve the community from his youth onward. Volunteering, advocating, organizing, and serving on issues as diverse as religion, education, workers rights, social justice and civil rights, Marques has ties with organizations and leaders throughout the region.

Talina Massey


Talina hails from Buffalo, NY, where she began her activism through her family’s deep community and political ties. After traveling the world with the USMC, she finally settled in New Bern, NC in 2015 with her 2 children. As the founder of Project Restore, she continues to serve in her community (WAU/REAL Resource Center, CNI Grassroots Leadership Academy Class 3, NAACP, SCORE, Toastmasters, Swiss Bear Board, BFC, YPG), actively attends church (Without Limits Christian Center Dream Team), is a small business entrepreneur/sole proprietor (Suga’s, Business Savvy, LLC, NC Notary), and associate of a national fraternal organization (OES).

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